Get Better at Simulation by Helping Others

How to Get Better at Simulation while Helping Others

I recently stumbled on a short post from one of the many “money advice” blogs out there. In it, the author gave an interesting recommendation on how to gain the skills to be your own general contractor (thus saving money while building or remodeling a home). Their advice? Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and actually help build a house for somebody else.


Next generation simulation modeling with Process Flow

Why you can save hours on your projects with FlexSim 2016

Recently I got to witness a modeling miracle. Like most of our past training courses, the instructor (in this case our training manager Regan Blackett) sat down with one of the attendees to build a model he wanted to start working on. It was a manufacturing system with a few unique elements, including components shared between different facilities. The training attendee assumed it would take a few days to have a working version of the model —

Virtual Reality and Simulation

Simulation modeling meets virtual reality, Oculus Rift

Try some models

Do you have your own VR equipment? Would you like to try out FlexSim’s VR capabilities? We’ve created several demonstration models that are compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OpenVR technology. Two of the models make use of touch controllers to add an extra level of realism to the experience. Click the buttons below to download the models.

FlexSim Zombie VR Game

Zombie Production Game

Can you produce enough energy cells to satisfy the zombie horde? Will you make too much and

FlexSim 7.7 brings supreme animations, easier logic

We’d like to give a moment of silence to our trusty operator. It’s impossible to name the countless simulation projects he’s been featured in over the years. His limbs may have been stiff, but he never let this hold him back from adding a splash of realism to models that have saved companies millions of dollars. We wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement.

Would you like to meet our new operators? FlexSim 7.7, our latest update to the world’s best 3D simulation software, features exciting exciting visual enhancements to add even more realism to your models. Thanks to full

Zane smiles for the camera

Zane: Inventor, scientist, 9-year-old

I’d like to tell you about an invention. It’s called the Inkstop Mk1, and it was awarded second place at the Invention Convention last year. This device can be used by law enforcement to stop fleeing vehicles, ideally in a safer manner than (or in conjunction with) existing methods. And that’s all I can tell you — the 9-year-old inventor is still hoping to patent and even produce this device one day, so I’m not at liberty to divulge any of the specifics.

Fantasy Football and Simulation

Fantasy football sets the example for simulation use

The National Football League (NFL) season is starting tonight, so fantasy football players across the globe should have already drafted the teams they will be loving, hating, and generally laying their hopes upon for the next 17 weeks. The rules are simple: draft a team of real NFL players, score points each week as those players accumulate statistics in real games, then tweak your roster via trades and additions to account for injuries and poor performance. Rinse and repeat until the season is over.

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