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FlexSim Training Engaging courses + sessions

For courses in Brasil, please check the FlexSim Brasil calendar.

We want to make sure your simulation projects are always a success. That means providing the best FlexSim training and post-training consultation to get your projects up and running—and keep them on track.

Our training courses are engaging, informative, and feature hands-on exercises and personalized attention. Contact your local FlexSim representative to find a course today!

Want to catch a FlexSim training class online? Look below to find information on our next course, or check out the calendar to see upcoming courses.

FlexSim Training

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Core Training

This comprehensive course covers the principals of simulation and how to use FlexSim for simulation modeling, including:

  • How to use and navigate through FlexSim’s modeling environment.
  • Techniques for modeling different real-world situations, including conveyor systems, operator movement, coordinated events, and more.
  • Specific model building activities covering warehouse, manufacturing, and service operations.
  • … and much more!

Custom Training

Every project is different, so we’ve developed advanced training courses that can be adapted to any need. Simply choose the topics you want to learn and we’ll develop a customized program to cover them. Some popular topics include:

  • Advanced List applications.
  • Gathering different types of statistics using the Zone.
  • Complex Task Executer controls (including AGV).
  • Designing and running “what if” experiments or optimizations.

The possibilities are endless—contact us today for more information.

Ready to schedule your seat? Contact your local FlexSim representative to request more information about training.