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“We believe that simulation is an applied technology.”

FlexSim is proud to support educators teaching simulation modeling and analysis in their classrooms. FlexSim simulation software, along with the textbook Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim, can help balance an understanding of fundamental simulation principles and concepts with the practical side of building simulation models.

Educator Experiences

Why choose FlexSim?

  • Quick, pain-free integration. The textbook Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim—along with a large repository of free educator materials and resources—makes it easy to switch to FlexSim.
  • Faster uptake, better engagement. FlexSim has ease-of-use and rich visual and logical functionality, making it faster to learn than other packages and more engaging for students.
  • Widely used in academia. FlexSim has been used at more than 400 universities and has been cited in hundreds of articles and papers from around the world.

Educator Downloads

We understand that switching to a new software (or even starting a course from scratch) can mean a lot of work. That’s why we’ve created a collection of free materials to make it as easy as possible to integrate FlexSim into your classroom. These materials include: syllabus, class PowerPoint slides, quizzes, exams, projects, worksheets, exercises, and a full solutions manual for Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim.

To request access to the Educator Downloads, email or, if outside the U.S, contact your local FlexSim distributor.

Why change now?

  • FlexSim is fast becoming the preferred choice in simulation modeling for many of the world’s top companies. Make sure your students are learning on a package they are likely to see during their careers.
  • In the U.S.? Besides our greatly reduced pricing for academia, FlexSim offers an academic grant program to take away the financial burden on institutions. There are a limited number of grants awarded each year, so contact today for more details.
  • Ouside the U.S.? Many of FlexSim’s international distributors maintain strong relationships with universities in their areas. Contact your local distributor to inquire about educational pricing and any grant opportunities, if available.

Want to give FlexSim a try? Download free today and see if it fits in your classroom.