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FlexSim in Academia

Simulation modeling and analysis for educators, students, and researchers.


Learn more about FlexSim as a learning resource in your classroom, or as a powerful tool for research.


Use FlexSim in your academic projects and assignments—or just learn a little more about one of the most popular commercial simulation modeling packages.


The textbook “Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim” is a great resource for teaching simulation modeling and analysis using an application-based approach.

Showcase: FlexSim in Academia

Worldwide Presence in Research and Teaching

A quick search for “FlexSim” in Google Scholar will show how widely adopted FlexSim simulation software has become in academia. With hundreds of citations in published articles from around the globe—and being taught in classrooms or used in research at over 400 universities worldwide—FlexSim is a trusted choice for education.

SHS/FlexSim Student Simulation Competition

Each year, FlexSim sponsors the Society for Health Systems (SHS) Student Simulation Competition. Teams of ISE students from around the world solve a real-world healthcare situational case study using FlexSim Healthcare, 3D simulation software specifically designed for health systems modeling. This blog post takes a closer look at how the competition has positively impacted the student participants.

Industrial Engineering and Simulation Experience Using FlexSim Software

This article, authored by Dr. Emre Tokgöz and published in the Computers in Education Journal, shows how FlexSim was used in a simulation course aimed at Industrial Engineering students and provides a pedagogical method for teaching a simulation course.