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Since its introduction in 2010, the textbook Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim has become an integral part of curriculums in colleges and universities throughout the world. There are several reasons for its success:

  • The unique application focus of the book
  • The ease of use and robustness of FlexSim simulation software
  • FlexSim’s continuing commitment to both students and educators

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About the Textbook

Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim is built on a basic premise—that simulation is an applied technology and adds little value if it isn’t used effectively. This book is all about applying simulation in manufacturing, mining, healthcare, transportation, retail, distribution, and more. While traditional simulation texts focus on simulation theory, this book achieves a balance between the important theory and practical issues that lead to simulation success. Written by authors who have in-depth knowledge of simulation and statistics theory as well as extensive experience in teaching and successfully applying simulation, it provides techniques and practical advice.

  • View the slides from a presentation by the textbook authors explaining how Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim offers a fresh, practical approach to teaching simulation.
  • Read a paper from the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference where the textbook authors outline seven reasons for switching to FlexSim in the classroom.

Textbook Downloads

This small collection of materials was designed to supplement the exercises and information found in Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim. You’ll find the model files referenced in the exercises at the end of Chapter 3, textbook errata, and several white papers covering simulation modeling and analysis topics.