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OptQuest Simulation Optimization

Interested in optimizing the process you’ve simulated? FlexSim is integrated with OptQuest, the leading simulation optimization engine by OptTek Systems. Optimization with FlexSim + OptQuest will uncover the what-if scenarios that may yield the best results.


Why OptQuest?

True Multi-Objective Search

This is the biggest difference between OptQuest and the less advanced search techniques out there. Multi-objective search shows the true tradeoffs between multiple competing objectives—and almost all real-world problems have several objectives.

Easy Setup + Great UI

FlexSim has spent some serious development time on our OptQuest integration. The result is a better optimization experience—it’s easy to choose the model parameters to use as optimization variables. The interface is clear and concise for adding constraints and objectives, and for adjusting settings.

Ready to optimize? Contact us today to see how FlexSim + OptQuest can find the best results!