FlexSim 2018 People Module

In 2018, we’re bringing the human element back into simulation with the People Module. This is just one of several exciting additions to FlexSim 2018, the latest version of our flagship simulation software—now available worldwide.


The People Module, as you probably guessed, is all about people—where they go, who they interact with, and why they’re waiting so long in that particular queue. FlexSim can now help you visualize and analyze these people-based systems. Whether it’s a restaurant, airport security, or a system that doesn’t produce anything tangible, this new module is capable of modeling it.


The People Module comes with all-new 3D objects and Process Flow activities that work together for an accurate and realistic model. The 3D objects represent the locations, staff, transports, and equipment that people will interact with as they go throughout the model. The Process Flow activities provide the logic to create, move, escort, and transport these people to where they need to go, which staff they will be with, and what equipment they will use.

Check out the new People Module tutorials in the User Manual to try it out for yourself.

FlexSim 2018 also contains a brand-new library of Dashboard templates. These templates make use of the new data collections and charting tools we introduced in FlexSim 2017 Update 2, but with easy-to-use interfaces to streamline your model analysis. Have you ever wanted that one elusive chart—maybe throughput per hour by item type? The new templates make this data easy to come by and amazing to visualize.

There’s much more to discover in FlexSim 2018, from Excel import/export enhancements to the Date Time Source activity… and beyond. Check out a more complete list of what’s new in the software in this guide: What’s New in FlexSim 2018.

In addition, the latest version of the FloWorks module (18.0.0) is available and compatible with FlexSim 2018. FloWorks has been updated with new Quick Properties panels, new object functions, three tutorials in the User Manual, and more.

Happy Simulating!