Get Better at Simulation by Helping Others

How to Get Better at Simulation while Helping Others

I recently stumbled on a short post from one of the many “money advice” blogs out there. In it, the author gave an interesting recommendation on how to gain the skills to be your own general contractor (thus saving money while building or remodeling a home). Their advice? Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and actually help build a house for somebody else.


Like Learning to Ride a Bicycle

“It’s OK, right grandpa? It’s OK,” he said as tears welled up in his eyes. My five-year-old grandson was looking to me for confirmation that his crash was not a “bad one.” It was his second fall, and I was beginning to worry he would either hurt himself badly or lose the nerve to keep trying.

Bull rider leaving the chute

Managing 8 Seconds

How long is eight seconds? That depends on what happens during those eight seconds. When it comes to professional bull riding, eight seconds make all the difference in the world.

Get the Bird in the Air

It’s 7:30 a.m. and the temperature is a crisp 35 degrees. The anticipation and excitement is just about at peak level for me and Kira, my white lab. The hunt begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp and will continue for only two weeks, but the training and the waiting has endured for 14 months. For 16 month old Kira, this will be her first true test and she is anxious to get started.

Avoiding the Simulation Vortex

Each summer for the past eight years, my wife and I get together with some good friends and take a trip to Wyoming to go whitewater rafting. The first year that we went, we enlisted the services of an experienced guide who helped us successfully navigate the river.

Next generation simulation modeling with Process Flow

Why you can save hours on your projects with FlexSim 2016

Recently I got to witness a modeling miracle. Like most of our past training courses, the instructor (in this case our training manager Regan Blackett) sat down with one of the attendees to build a model he wanted to start working on. It was a manufacturing system with a few unique elements, including components shared between different facilities. The training attendee assumed it would take a few days to have a working version of the model —

Virtual Reality and Simulation

Simulation modeling meets virtual reality, Oculus Rift

Try some models

Do you have your own VR equipment? Would you like to try out FlexSim’s VR capabilities? We’ve created several demonstration models that are compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OpenVR technology. Two of the models make use of touch controllers to add an extra level of realism to the experience. Click the buttons below to download the models.

FlexSim Zombie VR Game

Zombie Production Game

Can you produce enough energy cells to satisfy the zombie horde? Will you make too much and

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