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Recently, FlexSim was featured at a European Mensa Annual Gathering (EMAG) in Poland. Dawid Dabal of FlexSim InterMarium spoke on FlexSim simulation software and its dynamic technology in his presentation, “Smart Technology for Smart People.”

FlexSim in EU Mensa Conference

The European Mensa Annual Gathering, or EMAG, is the largest Mensa event in Europe each year and reaches up to 550 attendees. The purpose of the event is to establish a cross border network for individuals within the upper two percent of the general population on an intelligence test. This gathering of highly intelligent people from a multitude of different countries features several lectures, presentations, and workshops on various topics and themes.

Dabal, one of the featured speakers, addressed important and complicated questions we all face, such as, “what would happen if we…?” Dubal taught that simulation software like FlexSim can answer those questions and contribute results that will provide industry professionals with answers on how to best optimize their current systems.

As part of the presentation, Dabal was able to showcase FlexSim’s simulation software and explain exactly how this ‘smart technology’ can benefit not only the most intelligent people in the world, but anyone seeking a solution to solve a complicated problem.

FlexSim thanks all those that were involved or participated in the Polish Mensa Gathering, and recognizes all the international branches around the world that help simulation find and create solutions to the most complex problems.