FlexSim 2018 Update 2: Cloud Simulation, Reversible Conveyors + More

Ready to run FlexSim models in the Cloud!? Cloud-based replications and other exciting features are available in FlexSim 2018 Update 2, now available worldwide for download.

FlexSim now has the ability to use distributed CPUs in the Experimenter and Optimizer—either using Cloud computing, your own computers in a local network, or both. This means that you can significantly reduce the time to run replications in your FlexSim experiments, as long as your experiment:

  • Takes a long time (more than a few minutes) to run a single replication
  • Contains a very large number of replications

Ready to get started? You can use any Cloud computing solution that meets our minimum requirements, but we’ve created a guide with instructions on how to get set up on Amazon Web Services. View the guide at http://flexs.im/aws.

We’ve also added an option to reverse conveyor direction, an exciting feature that has been suggested by many users. This feature was specifically added to model accumulation buffers, where items can be pulled off a main conveyor line when the line gets backed up, and then moved back onto the line when it clears out.

FlexSim 2018 Update 2 also includes a new tool to track milestone events in a simulation, Sankey diagrams, Conveyor Module enhancements, List improvements, and much more.

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