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We want to make sure your simulation projects are always a success. That means providing the best training and consultation to get your projects up and running—and keep them on track.

Our training courses are engaging, informative, and feature hands-on exercises and personalized attention. Contact your local FlexSim representative oder check the calendar to find a course today!



Kurs 1

This course covers the principles of simulation, and introduces FlexSim’s methods and tools for simulation modeling, including:

  • How to use and navigate through FlexSim’s modeling environment.
  • Techniques for modeling different real-world situations, including conveyor systems, operator movement, coordinated events, and more.
  • Specific model building activities covering warehouse, manufacturing, and service operations.
  • … and much more!

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Extra Training Days

At the conclusion of any FlexSim training course, stay for a few extra one-on-one training days. These special sessions feature:

  • Individual attention from one of our experienced model building consultants.
  • Special help on your projects, from inception to presentation and everything in-between.
  • Additional specialized coverage on any topics you’re interested in.


We can develop a customized course to address the topics and scenarios that will take your simulation models to the next level. The possibilities are endless—contact us today for more information.

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Das FlexSimposium ist eine regelmäßig stattfindende Simulationskonferenz für Anwender, Partner und Mitarbeiter der FlexSim Software Products, Inc.. Präsentationen werden von FlexSim Power-Usern und Mitarbeitern gegeben, die die Möglichkeiten der Software sehr weit ausreizen. Neue Versionen der FlexSim Simulationssoftware werden vorab betrachtet und FlexSim Schulungen werden neben anderen Schulungsinhalten (Lean, Six Sigma, usw.) angeboten.

Dr. Averill Law’s Simulationsschulungen

Diese Simulationskurse werden von Dr. Averill Law gehalten, einer der führenden Experten auf dem Gebiet und Autor von Simulation Modeling and Analysis. Er hat mehr als 550 Kurse in 20 Ländern geleitet.
Dr. Averill M. Laws Simulation Kurse (englisch)

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