Online Training

Below, you can see 5 Basic Flexsim training sessions to supplement their knowledge of the tool. These tutorials will give you some essential tips when making a simulation model, and will be held three tutorials that come with the software.

We recommend performing this practice to reduce the likelihood of errors and learn more about the simple logic of the tool.

Remember that any doubt about the Flexsim, please write to [email protected]

Sesión 1 Simulación

Learn how the simulation can be an advantage and how it should be used with advantages and precautions. See more

Sesión 3 Modelamiento 1

Build your first model using Flexsim. This tutorial will guide you through the use of Flexsim interface while making a simple model. See more

Sesión 2 Conozca FlexSim

Learn the power of Flexsim and how it can help to know the key points of its operation. See more

Sesión 4 Modelamiento 2

nclude more detail and depth to the model. Learn new objects and how to connect them. See more

Sesión 5 Modelamiento 3

Learn some of the more advanced aspects of Flexsim, reviewing the basics of creating custom behaviors and modifying the logic of objects. See more

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