Modelagem em Lógica com Process Flow – Fevereiro (Brasil)

Treinamento em nível básico + intermediário, sendo o segundo treinamento dentro da linha de sequências recomendado pela FlexSim para os interessados em adquirir conhecimento em M&S (Modeling and Simulation) nas áreas de manufatura, logística, operações portuárias e portuárias, mineração, petroquímica, química e no setor alimentício.

Treinamento Process Flow – 2 dias – (Nível Intermediário + Avançado)

Parte 1: Overview sobre o Process Flow

  • Por que o Process Flow?
  • Simplificação/eliminação de programação usando o Process Flow;
  • Terminologias do Process Flow;
  • Token no Process Flow;
  • Inter-Arrival Source, Delay e Sink no Process Flow;
  • Relação entre o Process Flow e o 3D;
  • Labels, Resource, Assign

Process Flow Training

Join us for a unique training course that focuses on FlexSim’s latest feature, Process Flow. This two-day interactive course will cover a variety of modeling scenarios that have traditionally been challenging — but are now so much easier and faster.

Process Flow will help you save time on basically any project

Picking orders made easy thanks to Process Flow.

Picking orders made easy thanks to Process Flow.

That’s right, our innovative new logic building tool is a time-saving wizard. It allows you to quickly model basic

Next generation simulation modeling with Process Flow

Why you can save hours on your projects with FlexSim 2016

Recently I got to witness a modeling miracle. Like most of our past training courses, the instructor (in this case our training manager Regan Blackett) sat down with one of the attendees to build a model he wanted to start working on. It was a manufacturing system with a few unique elements, including components shared between different facilities. The training attendee assumed it would take a few days to have a working version of the model —

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