IV FlexSimposium PL 2016 – Poland

Cempel Consulting, FlexSim’s partner in Poland and East-Central Europe, is organizing the fourth edition of FlexSimposium PL. This year’s event will be held on 20.09.2016 at the Conference Centre of Silesian University of Technology. Among the invited guests will be outstanding representatives of science and industry. Enjoy a series of inspirational lectures and unique modeling workshops using FlexSim simulation software.

FlexSimposium PL is an extraordinary meeting connecting science with the world of business. At this event, the experts and leaders pioneering a new approach to production and logistics optimization share their knowledge and successes.

Using simulation to justify RFID technology

For companies interested in making the switch to radio-frequency identification (RFID) in their operations, simulation can now help make the choice a little clearer.

According to RFID Journal, SMART Technology Group, a Swiss/Polish high-tech company that specializes in RFID solutions, has developed a benefits-oriented simulation service in conjunction with Cempel Consulting, FlexSim’s partner in Poland.

The model, developed by Cempel Consulting, allows companies to compare how RFID stacks up against other methods of labeling used in their operations. It shows the benefits of switching to RFID within a realistic, visually compelling simulation.


HK Medical Fair 2015

Advent2 Labs is participating in the coming International Medical Devices & Supplies Fair 2015 in Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This is a Asia’s premier medical fair, organised by the HKTDC and held at the HKCEC, the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair offers a wide range of latest medical devices and supplies, including hospital equipments, household medical products, rehabilitation and elderly care, laboratory equipment and medical disposables, brings product developers and businesses together in this booming market.


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Fantasy Football and Simulation

Fantasy football sets the example for simulation use

The National Football League (NFL) season is starting tonight, so fantasy football players across the globe should have already drafted the teams they will be loving, hating, and generally laying their hopes upon for the next 17 weeks. The rules are simple: draft a team of real NFL players, score points each week as those players accumulate statistics in real games, then tweak your roster via trades and additions to account for injuries and poor performance. Rinse and repeat until the season is over.

A look back at an MSU project with GE Aviation

We take a look back at a consulting project from 2009, conducted by a Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Mississippi (MEP.ms) team from Mississippi State University. The client was GE Aviation, a General Electric company in the process of building a new facility to produce composite parts for jet engines.

Back in 2008, General Electric’s GE Aviation was in the process of building a 300,000-square-foot composites factory in Batesville, MS. A MEP.ms team from Mississippi State was brought in to design and put into application multiple discrete event simulation models before the plant was completed. The team

FlexSim Quarterly, October 2013 (plus exclusive King family video)

Download FlexSim Quarterly

Welcome to the third edition of FlexSim Quarterly, FlexSim’s official publication. In each issue we attempt to provide compelling, current content related to FlexSim products and the simulation world at large. No full page ads or marketing flack here — the articles and papers in FlexSim Quarterly are original and informative, and are presented in a professional setting.

This issue leads off with a letter to the readers by Cliff King, Chief Technical Officer at FlexSim. In it, Cliff shares a story of an afternoon teaching his grandson to ride a bicycle, and

Manufacturing Line Case Study

A study of a manufacturing line using Flexsim Simulation Software


Operating a manufacturing line is always a challenge. Ensuring the rules for operation, staffing levels, and production capacity are all in sync with the business plan is no simple feat. Facing these challenges, a large manufacturer turned to Flexsim to develop a simulation model as a way of addressing these questions.

Issues to Solve

This manufacturer wanted to know how to best operate a new manufacturing line and answer specific questions regarding staffing, changeover times, and buffers.

The new manufacturing line required operators with different skill sets. At question was how many of each

Cream Cheese Manufacturing Case Study

A study of manufacturing cream cheese using Flexsim Simulation Software


Flexsim Software Products recently assisted a major food manufacturer with a simulation study of their cream cheese manufacturing process. The manufacturer provided Flexsim with detailed descriptions and data of the process as well as a tour of the facility. Flexsim built the simulation model and provided training on how to use, maintain and update the model it as needed. The manufacturer then performed analysis and what-if scenarios.

Issues to Solve

The model was built to achieve two goals. The first was to help the manufacturer understand the actual capacity of the plant as

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