FlexSim 2017 Update 2: Better Data, Better Analysis

FlexSim 2017 Update 2 is now officially out and available for download! Current FlexSim users can upgrade right away—and anyone can download the latest version of FlexSim’s flagship simulation modeling software and try it out under the free Express license.

Download FlexSim 2017 Update 2

The biggest change is in collecting and displaying data. We’ve introduced the Statistics Collector, a tool that gathers raw data from the objects and events you specify. While a model runs, this data is placed into a table—the data can then be viewed, transformed, visualized in charts and graphs, or

Module: AStar Navigator

The AStar Navigator module gives you another way to have task executer objects move from point A to point B, and can be much easier and less time consuming than setting up paths with Network Nodes. The module is free to all FlexSim users, and this video will show you how to download and use it.

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