Moffatt & Nichol adquiriu o FlexSim CT

FlexSim  CT

Moffatt & Nichol has acquired FlexSim CT, FlexSim’s container terminal simulation package. For the last 5 years, Moffatt & Nichol has been a licensed user and a partner to FlexSim no desenvolvimento de FlexSim CT, and has used it as a reliable and powerful tool for the planning and analysis of container terminal and inter-modal rail yard projects and operations.

Moffatt & Nichol now exclusively retains the proprietary source code for FlexSim CT. FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FSP) will continue to provide simulation products for industries outside of the container terminal space.

Como resultado deste contrato, o FlexSim CT foi renomeado para FlexTerm. Para mais informações sobre o FlexTerm, visite

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