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Material Handling Simulation

FlexSim is the best choice for modeling large, complex material handling, manufacturing, and automation systems.

Czemu FlexSim?

Dlaczego warto korzystać FlexSim for material handling simulation? Because we’re focused on your needs. Our latest updates deliver a high level of detail and realism in material handling simulation models. We’ve leveraged the latest technology for faster and more impressive 3D simulations, and we’re committed to regular development and updates based on customer feedback.

Potężne funkcje

We’ve developed easy-to-use modules specifically for material handling simulation. These free add-ons greatly increase the level of detail and realism in simulation models, allowing you to simulate systems of any complexity.

Spersonalizowane wsparcie

We pride ourselves in providing obsługa na światowym poziomie to supplement our software. Our experienced engineers are ready and willing to support you throughout your simulation experience. Get the attention you—and your project—deserve.

Bezkonkurencyjna wartość

No simulation package offers a better value for material handling. Our Conveyor and AGV modules, Experimenter, and ExpertFit curve fitting software jest all included in our standard edition of FlexSim. Features like these can add up quickly with other software packages.

Co to jest FlexSim?

FlexSim is a powerful yet easy-to-use software package for material handling simulation modeling. A fast and accurate simulation engine is hidden behind drag and drop controls, drop-down lists, and many other intuitive features that make it accessible for anyone to build a model. All simulation models are created to scale and are presented using 3D visuals, so it becomes easy to view and recognize bottlenecks in the production line or other deficiencies within the system. FlexSim also gives decision makers the data to confirm their observations, with impressive data reporting and analysis built right into the software.

Kto używa FlexSim?

Any company in any industry can save time and money with FlexSim. Dziesiątki Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders worldwide używają FlexSim for their simulation needs. Why don’t you?

Studium przypadku

Critical Decision Making

Zobacz jak Rozwiązania Bastian created a working simulation model of an automated warehouse to use as a decision support tool. The result was a flexible tool to answer critical questions about the facility now—and more value in the future.

Ready to try simulation? Próbować FlexSim free today and see how it can help improve your material handling operations!