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FlexSim is the best choice for modeling large, complex material handling, manufacturing, and automation systems. Why? Because we’re focused on your needs. Our latest updates deliver a high level of detail and realism in simulation models. We’ve leveraged the latest technology for faster and more impressive 3D simulations, and we’re committed to regular development and updates based on customer feedback. Call for a free demonstration to see why FlexSim is the right choice for your facility.

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Why FlexSim?

Why use FlexSim for material handling simulation? Because we combine industry-standard functionality with a desire to go above and beyond expectations.

Powerful Features

We’ve developed easy-to-use modules specifically for material handling simulation. These free add-ons greatly increase the level of detail and realism in simulation models, allowing you to simulate systems of any complexity. Our Conveyor and AGV modules combine the proven functionality of the industry-standard with bold new advancements that will take any simulation project to the next level.

Personalized Support

We pride ourselves in providing world-class service to supplement our software. Our experienced engineers are ready and willing to support you throughout your simulation experience. If you have a specific question about FlexSim or simulation modeling, or even if you need a little help on a project, our team will give you the attention you deserve.

Unbeatable Value

No simulation package offers a better value for material handling. Our Conveyor and AGV modules, Experimenter, and ExpertFit curve fitting software are all included in our standard edition of FlexSim. Features like these can add up quickly with other software packages. And you can be sure that FlexSim will continue to update and develop our products to fit the needs of our customers.

Who Uses FlexSim?

Our clients include nationally and globally recognized corporations, including many companies found in the Fortune 500.

  • Lisa SpryLisa SpryAccount Executive, Cisco-Eagle

    FlexSim delivered a model that met all our expectations. We'll be able to use it to validate the design of the system, and we're excited to provide the end client with valuable insight for operational use.

  • Matt ThibodeauMatt ThibodeauSales Engineer, Skarnes

    This simulation model was an invaluable tool for our project. FlexSim was professional and easy to work with.

  • William (Bill) Proctor, PE, MSODAWilliam (Bill) Proctor, PE, MSODAPresident, Epicenter Development Group LLC

    I recently completed a large distribution center modeling project (1MM sq.ft./multi-story) for an apparel company using FlexSim simulation software. It was a challenging project that covered all major parts of the system, from dock receiving to wave sorting to order shipment. Throughout the project, I was extremely impressed by the support that I received through the FlexSim technical support group and the flexibility of FlexSim to model this complex (and massive) system. In the end, the project was considered a success and great investment by the client. The project team was able to use the model to validate the concept design performance over the planning period, identify opportunities for design improvement, and clarify/refine a shared understanding of how the system will actually work. I would highly recommend FlexSim as a modeling tool for large-scale systems (like distribution centers) based upon this experience.

Benefits of Simulation

A simulation model is like a living blueprint of your system. It can be updated and experimented on to answer all sorts of “what if” questions about your system. In addition, simulation can:

  • Improve communication by visualizing the system in stunning 3D.

  • Demonstrate the true cost of proposed changes in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Provide detailed statistics and data to find the optimal system configuration.

  • Accurately capture the dynamic nature of a system by accounting for variability.

Conveyor Module

Conveyor Module

This powerful, free FlexSim add-on was created specifically for modeling conveyor systems. It combines the detail needed for material handling applications with the ease-of-use engineers have come to expect from a FlexSim simulation model. Quickly represent slug building and release systems without writing a single line of code, along with power and free systems, realistic picking operations, and much more. The Conveyor Module comes packaged with the latest version of FlexSim.

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