FlexSim is 3D simulation modeling and analysis software. It’s used by companies around the world to solve problems and better understand processes in manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and more.

Interested? Student licenses are available, so you can become more familiar with FlexSim—whether it’s for a class project, a capstone/thesis, or just for personal study.


SHS/FlexSim Student Simulation Competition

Minden évben, FlexSim szponzorálja a Society for Health Systems (SHS) Student Simulation Competition. Teams of ISE students from around the world solve a real-world healthcare situational case study using FlexSim Healthcare, 3D simulation software specifically designed for health systems modeling. Team up with a few classmates and take part in this unique and valuable experience!

Student Experiences

  • I love that FlexSim is extremely flexible… [the] 3D models and pre-made layouts are fascinating. FlexSim allowed me to build big complex systems.

    Darina G.
    New York-i Egyetem
  • Easy to navigate and learn how to use.

    Duyen T.
    Lehigh Egyetem
  • User-friendly interface and relatively easy to get started but with plenty of capacity/features for more complex simulation needs.

    Michael C.
    Észak-Karolinai Egyetem Chapel Hillben
  • It was amazing how quickly I could go from completing tutorials to building working models for my projects.

    Charles D.
    Harvey Mudd College
  • Illustrate the production system before actually implement[ing] it and do the required testing.

    Mostafa M.
    Windsor Egyetem
  • It was great being able to visualize the process we were creating/improving for the lab.

    Cameron C.
    Brigham Young Egyetem
  • The tutorials were spot on and easy to follow. I was up and simulating in no time.

    Casey K.
    Dél-Mississippi Egyetem
  • We were able to simulate our manufacturing system accurately before building it.

    Benjamin A.
    Brigham Young Egyetem
  • The software is versatile and compatible with every situation in a medical environment.

    Alexander S
    University at Buffalo
  • Our industry partner was very impressed with FlexSim’s utility as a planning tool for future expansion.

    V. Daniel
    Nova Scotia Közösségi Főiskola
  • I thought it was really cool how you could set up any scenario and see how it would play out in real time. For the most part, it was easy to use and figure out.

    Austin H.
    Brigham Young Egyetem

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