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FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FSP) creates simulation software and provides simulation modeling services. As a high tech company, we are driven to create bold new advancements in simulation technology in terms of flexibility, ease-of-use, customization, 3D graphics, and more. We realize that you go into a simulation project with a need for answers. FlexSim Simulation Software (FlexSim) will meet and exceed your simulation needs. We’re here to help you succeed.

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FSP was founded in 1993 by Bill Nordgren (Co-Founder Promodel Corporation, 1988), Roger Hullinger, and Cliff King, originally under the name F&H Simulations, Inc. F&H Simulations sold, supported, and conducted training courses for Taylor II simulation software – owned and developed by Holland’s F&H Simulation B.V (F&H Holland).

In 1998, F&H Holland developed the first generation 3D object oriented simulation engine Taylor ED (Enterprise Dynamics). F&H Simulations assisted with the development of robust objects for use in Taylor ED. In addition, F&H Simulations continued to sell, consult, and train in the new software.

In 2000, F&H Holland was purchased. F&H Simulations took that opportunity to become independent. Dr. Eamonn Lavery and Anthony Johnson joined to oversee product architecture and begin development of a new, next generation, 3D object oriented simulation software called FlexSim. F&H Simulations, Inc. changed its name to FlexSim Software Products, Inc.

FlexSim 1.0 was released in February 2003. It boasted a new state-of-the-art simulation engine, a 3D modeling environment, and seamless integration with C++ – all firsts in discrete event simulation. Since its release, FlexSim has become the standard by which discrete event simulation packages are judged.

FlexSim Simulation Software

FSP’s recent release of its flagship FlexSim Simulation Software continues to advance discrete event simulation technology. With enhancements in ease-of-use, improved performance, increased 3D capabilities, and greater extensibility, FlexSim continues to set the standard in cutting edge discrete event simulation software.

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2009 saw the introduction of our latest market-specific simulation package, FlexSim Healthcare. Designed specifically for medical professionals, FlexSim Healthcare helps you streamline patient flow, plan facility layout, optimize your emergency room, and much more. FlexSim Healthcare is our fastest growing product ever and continues to see incredible growth. Medical professionals understand that in today’s healthcare market, more has to be done to minimize costs and improve care. FlexSim Healthcare is a big part of the solution.

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FlexSim Worldwide

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FSP) is headquartered in Orem, Utah. FSP has offices in Canada, Mexico, India, Germany, and China. FSP has regional distributors around the globe that provide support, training, and consulting services.

Our clients include nationally and globally recognized corporations, including many companies found in the Fortune 500. FlexSim Simulation Software is consistently ranked number one in our industry for software development and client support.

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