FlexSim Case Studies

Can simulation with FlexSim really solve my problem? We think so, but maybe you’d like to read for yourself about the experiences others have had. Here you’ll find a selection of case studies, white papers, journal articles, and other resources highlighting the different areas where FlexSim has been used.

Gain a competitive advantage with manufacturing flexibility

Manufacturing Flexibility

Quadrillion Partners

They helped a global middle market high-tech manufacturer develop a new strategic planning process to make quick, informed decisions when consolidating manufacturing sites or pooling volumes globally.

Get support on critical warehouse decisions

Critical Decision Making

Bastian Solutions

They created a working simulation model of an automated warehouse to use as a decision support tool. The result was a flexible tool to answer critical questions about the facility now—and more value in the future.

Improve throughput with simulation

Increase Throughput

Skarnes, Inc.

This Minnesota-based material handling systems integrator wanted to test a proposed change to an AS/RS and conveyor loop. What they found was a significant improvement to picking throughput in their client’s warehousing process.

Quickly analyze a sortation line

Quick Sortation Line Analysis

Ghafari Associates

This simulation was built by Ghafari Associates in just a day and a half. See how a simple FlexSim model allowed them to explore a client’s sortation line process and extract some valuable information.

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