Bull rider leaving the chute

Managing 8 Seconds

How long is eight seconds? That depends on what happens during those eight seconds. When it comes to professional bull riding, eight seconds make all the difference in the world.

Get the Bird in the Air

It’s 7:30 a.m. and the temperature is a crisp 35 degrees. The anticipation and excitement is just about at peak level for me and Kira, my white lab. The hunt begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp and will continue for only two weeks, but the training and the waiting has endured for 14 months. For 16 month old Kira, this will be her first true test and she is anxious to get started.

Avoiding the Simulation Vortex

Each summer for the past eight years, my wife and I get together with some good friends and take a trip to Wyoming to go whitewater rafting. The first year that we went, we enlisted the services of an experienced guide who helped us successfully navigate the river.

Lean Warehousing Best Practices: How FlexSim Can Help

LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a thought leader in lean logistics and supply chain, recently released a list of best practices in lean warehousing. In the article, they assert that “lean warehousing is necessary and plays a critical role and must be integrated into the entire supply chain.” Let’s take a look at three of these important best practices and show how simulation with FlexSim can help make them possible:

The problem with waiting time

This white paper discusses the reduction of waiting time in a process, and uses a simple experiment to show that discrete event simulation is the most effective way to achieve real optimization of any process.

Every process or logistics problem can be viewed as a distribution problem of the cost of waiting times. Factors that impact these waiting times include but are not limited to variability, quality, equipment reliability, staff reliability, and system load factors. When each type of waiting time increases or decreases it has an impact on the other; this creates a tug of war between the

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