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Casos de estudio de salud

We’re proud to provide simulation software and services to such amazing, forward-thinking healthcare organizations. Here you’ll find a selection of case studies, articles, and other resources highlighting the different areas where FlexSim HC has been used.

Improve the ED


They were able to test three important “what if” scenarios in the Emergency Department, leading to a decrease of 46% in Door to Provider time, optimized staffing, and reduced Length of Stay.

Maximize Clinical Space


They were able to optimize space between two buildings and answer important questions about their capabilities and capacity, resulting in two clinical spaces saved and a base for future improvements.

Mass Patient Move


They were able to model the conditions of a mass patient relocation, ensure a safe and efficient move, and predict the completion time—plus save working hours for dozens of staff by finishing early.

Find the Best Location for Triage


They were able to find the best triage location in an ambulatory setting. This webinar was presented by members of the Performance Engineering Department at The Kirklin Clinic (UAB Hospital).

Additional Case Studies and Resources


Validating a Proposed Department Redesign

St. Dominic’s Memorial Hospital used FlexSim HC to validate a proof-of-concept for their General Stores department redesign. Lea el estudio de caso.

Improving Patient Care for Hemorrhagic Mothers

Baptist Health South Florida used FlexSim HC to compare two different scenarios for managing a hemorrhagic emergency in Labor & Delivery. Leer el artículo.

How Many Outpatient Surgery Beds Do We Need?

Hospital Sisters Health System used FlexSim HC to help determine optimal capacity (and more) for their Outpatient Surgery Center. View the poster.

3D Simulation Modeling in the ER

Memorial Hermann used FlexSim HC to answer questions about their ER, including arrivals & discharges and staff utilization. Ver la presentación.

Mass Transfer of Pediatric Tertiary Care Hospital Inpatients

En este artículo para La revista de pediatría, Children’s Hospital Colorado used FlexSim HC to study the large-scale rapid transportation of hospitalized children. Accede al artículo.

Emergency Evacuation Improvements in a Treatment Facility

In this published case study, Dr. Jozef Babinski Hospital in Krakow, Poland used FlexSim HC to prepare for emergency situations in an addiction therapy center. Access the case study.