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ExpertFit Distribution-fitting software

FlexSim leveres pakket med ExpertFit (visit the ExpertFit hjemmeside), a leading distribution-fitting software. Developed by Dr. Averill Law, one of the world’s foremost authorities on simulation and distribution fitting, ExpertFit will use speed and precision to automatically figure out which probability distribution best represents your data set.


Hvorfor ExpertFit?

Pakket med funktioner

ExpertFit has enough features to make a statistician blush—40 distributions, 30 high-quality graphical plots, 4 technically correct goodness-of-fit tests, and much more.


Built for Simulation

ExpertFit was designed for people who are building discrete event simulation models. Once you’ve found your distribution, it will put it into the proper format to input directly into FlexSim. Don’t have enough data? ExpertFit has extensive support for choosing the best distribution with less-than-optimal data.

Omfattende dokumentation

With context-sensitive help, a detailed User Guide and eight complete examples, ExpertFit is well-documented for your convenience.

Ready to fit your data? Contact us to see how FlexSim + ExpertFit gets the job done!