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FlexSim + Digital Twin

In need of a digital twin for your manufacturing, material handling, or supply chain system? FlexSim can do that! We’re helping companies all around the world create advanced manufacturing solutions. You can use FlexSim’s industry leading 3D simulation technology as the engine driving the digital twin movement in your smart factory. Kontakt os i dag to see how your company can benefit by using FlexSim to optimize and improve your process operations.

Digital tvilling

Hvad er en digital tvilling?

It’s a software model that mimics a real-world system—taking data from the actual system, simulating how the processes will behave using those inputs, and then producing predictive data about how the system will perform. In a competitive economy that demands connected, informative production environments, a digital twin can deliver predictive insights that can make all the difference.

Wait, isn’t this just a simulation model?

Gartner defined a digital twin as a “dynamic software model of a physical system” when they named it as a top strategic technology trend. That gør sound suspiciously like the sort of models FlexSim has been creating for decades. And yes, a data-driven model built using FlexSim’s 3D simulation software is already most of the way there.

However, a simulation model doesn’t become a digital twin until it’s able to communicate tilbage to the system. Once the physical system can read and respond to the outputs being delivered by the simulation model—preferably automatically, with adjustments to the system made without any human intervention—you’ll have achieved the complete digital twin vision.

Hvorfor bruge FlexSim for digital twin technologies?

FlexSim is the most capable and easy-to-use simulation modeling and analysis software, so you’re in the right place for the simulation model component of a digital twin. For the other unique facets of this technology, FlexSim offers several critical features:

  • FlexSim’s open architecture means we make it meget easier to auto-build the model from your system’s data. Don’t believe us? Try to auto-build a model from raw input data using any other simulation package and experience the difference yourself.
  • FlexSim provides robust database connectivity features, making it simple to import and export the data that will be processed in your digital twin.
  • FlexSim can communicate with internet-connected devices using HTTP to get real-time data from your live systems.
FlexSim Digital Twin w/ VR

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