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FlexSim + Industry 4.0

FlexSim’s powerful 3D simulation modeling platform is the right choice for your digital transformation.

FlexSim is leading the way in many of the vital areas of Industry 4.0. Our industry leading 3D simulation modeling and analysis software is a strong foundation to support your digital transformation. Let FlexSim be your ally as you seek to improve all areas of your production process.

Hvordan FlexSim fit in with the Pillars of Industry 4.0?


Simulation modeling allows you to develop a computer model of your real-world facility, and then use that model to simulate its operations over time. These insights are invaluable—you can answer important “what if” questions about the system without disruption. Lær mere om FlexSim’s 3D simulation software.

Digital Twin (System Integration)

Industry 4.0 is focused on improving connectivity between systems in a production environment. The digital twin bridges the gap between the physical and digital world. This virtual model is based on the current state of the system, evaluates the system’s future possibilities, and then reports back to the real-world system to make optimized business decisions. Lær mere om FlexSim’s digital twin solutions.

PLC Emulation (Autonomous Systems)

FlexSim’s PLC emulation capabilities add a new level of understanding to your production facility and its autonomous systems. Our technology can be used to draft, test, and validate the PLC logic that runs your production systems, so your systems can be altered (and proven) to operate more efficiently. Lær mere om FlexSim’s PLC emulation capabilities.

Cloud Computing

The need to run and analyze simulation models in the cloud will only continue to rise as companies require more powerful and scalable computing options. FlexSim fits in this space in two major ways: (1) being able to run simulation models in the cloud using our web server technology, and (2) being able to use distributed CPUs for running many simulation replications. Watch a video about our distributed CPU feature.

Extended Reality (VR and AR)

FlexSim has offered strong support for virtual reality since its inception as a widely used technology in industry, and we’ve continually evaluated the emerging augmented reality sector to see how to best integrate it into our solution. With potential uses in communication, training, maintenance, and more, FlexSim will continue to support extended reality.

Big Data + Data Analytics

The data generated by FlexSim’s solutions show where a system will be in the future, and even what it kunne be under a different set of circumstances. This data, used in a broader predictive analytics strategy, is the competitive edge that companies need in an increasingly competitive environment. Interested in getting more use from the data you’ve already collected? Import it into a FlexSim simulation model for additional analysis.