3D Simulation Modeling and Analysis Software

Understand and improve any system or process. FlexSim will help you transform your existing data into accurate predictions.

We’re open during the COVID-19 outbreak

FlexSim will continue to support our users and build simulation models remotely, and we’re set up to deliver training and consulting online. We’re ready to help with supply chain disruptions, healthcare capacity planning, and anything else you need to keep your systems strong during this difficult time.

Our applications engineers designed a proof-of-concept model to show how COVID-19 could spread under different conditions. Click the button below to get the model and a free download of FlexSim 2020 to run it.


Risk-Free Virtual Environment

Build a dynamic computer model of your system and test “what if” scenarios to see what works in the real world.

Analysis Beyond Spreadsheets

Improve on older, static analysis! FlexSim accounts for time, space, variability, and the complex relationships within your system.

3D Visuals + Validation

FlexSim’s 3D environment and stunning visuals lets you really see what’s happening. It’s a second, critical level of validation.

Studium Przypadku

Simulation in practice.

Learn how smart companies use FlexSim to dynamically model their operations, understand their complex systems, and make better decisions.


Jak zacząć?

  1. Not sure exactly what this technology is? Learn more about 3D simulation modeling and analysis.
  2. Odwiedź FlexSim Strona produktu to learn more about our flagship 3D simulation modeling and analysis software.
  3. Czytaj studium przypadku or two to see how other organizations have used FlexSim to understand their systems and make better decisions.
  4. Watch one of our filmy to see the software and its features in action—and to see just how easy it is to model and analyze your processes with FlexSim.
  5. Choose one of the industries below to see some simulation models, and also to learn more about how simulation can benefit the industry:

Kto używa FlexSim?

Any company in any industry can save time and money with FlexSim. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders worldwide używają FlexSim for their simulation needs. Why don’t you?

Gotowy do wypróbowania FlexSim? Download and try our 3D modeling and analysis tool free of charge!