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COVID-19 Model

+ FlexSim software download

At FlexSim, we build a LOT of simulation models. So when the COVID-19 virus began to spread around the globe, one of our applications engineers thought it would be a good idea to use our state-of-the-art simulation modeling software to model the spread of the virus under different conditions.

Fill out the form on this page to get a free copy of the COVID-19 model1 as well as a free download of FlexSim 20202 to run the model.

With it, you can model the spread of COVID-19 through different population numbers. We’ve made a few key assumptions that guide the simulation (discussed in the video above) and included 16 inputs that you can change to see how they impact the spread, including:

  • Average number of days a person is infected before diagnosis
  • Weekly infection rate
  • Percentage of patients diagnosed
  • Percentage reduction in infection rate due to quarantine measures
  • And much more!

1FlexSim used data from the CDC and other reputable sources to develop this model, but FlexSim is not an authority on epidemiology nor does it profess to have developed a model that accurately predicts the future spread of the COVID-19 virus in the real world. The purpose of this simulation model is to show how changes to the input variables affect the model’s outputs/results.

2FlexSim requires a Windows environment to install and run. It will not install on Mac or Linux operating systems.