FlexSim, zombies encourage STEM awareness in Virginia

You couldn’t have picked a more appropriate time of year to finish up the STEM Zombie Challenge. On October 5th, in the month that is most associated with the ghoulish and spooky holiday of Halloween, the top student teams during the course of the competition descended on Indian River Library in Chesapeake, VA to compete for victory and prizes.

The final round carried a title that was also appropriate: “Halloween Zombie Challenge.”

Starting on July 23rd, students in and around the Chesapeake area had the opportunity to participate in the STEM Zombie Challenge at their local

FlexSim’s Zombies invade Chesapeake libraries


Back in January, we partnered with ModSim Connected to create a simulation game. Through support from the Commonwealth of Virginia, ModSim Connected is trying to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills and showcase modeling and simulation to the youth in Virginia. FlexSim Zombie Attack is the result of months of work and collaboration; it demonstrates the simulation of a manufacturing process, and yet it’s fun and engaging enough to hold the attention of players of any age.

We made the Zombie Attack model

FlexSim Presents “Zombie Attack”, a simulation game

Download the game now!


It finally happened: the virus outbreak that has changed 80% of the earth’s population into the living dead. But in a twist from mythology, zombies don’t need to feed on brains – they want power!


Mankind has the technology to produce energy cubes, containers that seem to satiate the undead for days. You manage a manufacturing plant in one of the last human cities. Your job: to fabricate enough energy cubes to keep the advancing undead horde away from the citizens of the town,

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