Advent2 Labs presents FlexSim-based game at AsiaSim 2013

Advent2 Labs, the FlexSim distributor in Singapore, presented a simulation game with an accompanying paper at AsiaSim 2013.

According to David Chan of Advent2 Labs, the event featured a plethora of academic researchers who were looking into applying simulation into learning scenarios. Some of the researchers developed games from scratch using the Java programming language, but David sought to create a game using the FlexSim engine, which reduced the lead time in development.

“The game we designed is a beer game, which is used in the Supply Chain program in most universities and professional training in

FlexSim Presents “Zombie Attack”, a simulation game

Download the game now!


It finally happened: the virus outbreak that has changed 80% of the earth’s population into the living dead. But in a twist from mythology, zombies don’t need to feed on brains – they want power!


Mankind has the technology to produce energy cubes, containers that seem to satiate the undead for days. You manage a manufacturing plant in one of the last human cities. Your job: to fabricate enough energy cubes to keep the advancing undead horde away from the citizens of the town,

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