FlexSim HC 5 out and available for download

FlexSim HC 5, the latest in FlexSim’s line of healthcare simulation modeling software, has been officially released and is available for download. If you already have a FlexSim Account, you can download it there. If you don’t have a FlexSim Account, it just takes a few seconds to create one — head to healthcare.flexsim.com and make a free account today.

  • Interested in a quick video tour? If you have five minutes to spare, this video will cover many of the features and improvements in the latest version:

FlexSim 7.1.0 set to release in March with improved Dashboard, other features

The development team has spent the last several weeks performing internal beta testing on the latest edition of FlexSim—version 7.1.0—which is near completion and set to be released in early March 2014.

The biggest change in 7.1.0 is to the area of analytics, which have been fully assimilated into the dashboard interface. The information that was previously found in FlexSim Chart and the Statistics tab of an object’s properties window can now be accessed in one central location, making dashboards a “one stop shop” for real-time data and analysis.

Some of the data in the Statistics

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