SHBC 2014

FlexSim partner Advent2 Labs will be attending the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress, held September 26-27, 2014.

Organised by the National Healthcare Group (NHG), the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC) is the largest healthcare scientific meeting and competition in Singapore, attracting over 3,000 local and global healthcare delegates each year.

FlexSim Healthcare 4.3.4 due for release today

The latest version of FlexSim Healthcare (4.3.4) is due to be released this afternoon and will primarily address bug fixes while adding a few new minor enhancements and features.

Bar charts and box plots are now able to support negative numbers, a useful addition that resulted from a user’s model. In the model, this person was attempting to track variance between patients arriving early or late to their appointment times; the bar chart needed to support negative numbers in order to show patients arriving before their appointment time. The finished product, using the new

FlexSim Quarterly, October 2013 (plus exclusive King family video)

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Welcome to the third edition of FlexSim Quarterly, FlexSim’s official publication. In each issue we attempt to provide compelling, current content related to FlexSim products and the simulation world at large. No full page ads or marketing flack here — the articles and papers in FlexSim Quarterly are original and informative, and are presented in a professional setting.

This issue leads off with a letter to the readers by Cliff King, Chief Technical Officer at FlexSim. In it, Cliff shares a story of an afternoon teaching his grandson to ride a bicycle, and

FlexSim Healthcare 4.0.4: A story of dot plots

FlexSim Healthcare (HC) 4.0.4 is primarily a bug fix update, but that didn’t stop the developers from delaying the release to sneak in a few new features. These features certainly improve the software, but none are particularly noteworthy.

Well, except for one.

Hidden in the release notes for version 4.0.4, buried beneath 16 other new features, is a single line announcing the addition of one of the most requested features for FlexSim HC: “Added Dot Plots to any metric that can display bar charts.

Re-addition would actually be more accurate. Dot plots existed in early versions, but were

FlexSim to participate in Boston-area simulation workshop


FlexSim’s Lou Keller will speak and present at the Healthcare Computer Simulation Workshop, scheduled to be held on September 9th and 10th at Northeastern University.

The workshop, organized by Dr. James C. Benneyan and Keller, is a free event open to the Boston-area healthcare community that will instruct decision makers within healthcare systems on the use of simulation models to make process decisions. The first day of the two-day event will focus on simulation uses, while the second day will a more in-depth look

FlexSim Case Study Week

Case Study Week: Day Five

FlexSim Case Study Week

The Medical Call Center Problem, A Queuing Theory Approach

Thank you to everyone who took part in Case Study Week, either by reading one of the featured research papers or by participating in discussions in your places of work, or on FlexSim social networking channels. We appreciate any feedback you might have about this event. Also, please let us know if you’d like to have your case study featured on the FlexSim blog.

For the final day of

FlexSim Case Study Week

Case Study Week: Day Four

FlexSim Case Study Week

Integrating Fuzzy Expert System with Discrete Event Simulation to Determine Configuration of Resources Level for an Emergency Unit

On day four of Case Study Week, we’re going to examine a paper titled “Integrating Fuzzy Expert System with Discrete Event Simulation to Determine Configuration of Resources Level for an Emergency Unit” by students S. Mohsen Hosseini, Seratun Jannat, and Abdullah Al Khaled of Mississippi State University.

The paper can be viewed at this location.

Fuzzy logic deals with many

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