Modelagem em Lógica com Process Flow – Fevereiro (Brasil)

Treinamento em nível básico + intermediário, sendo o segundo treinamento dentro da linha de sequências recomendado pela FlexSim para os interessados em adquirir conhecimento em M&S (Modeling and Simulation) nas áreas de manufatura, logística, operações portuárias e portuárias, mineração, petroquímica, química e no setor alimentício.

Treinamento Process Flow – 2 dias – (Nível Intermediário + Avançado)

Parte 1: Overview sobre o Process Flow

  • Por que o Process Flow?
  • Simplificação/eliminação de programação usando o Process Flow;
  • Terminologias do Process Flow;
  • Token no Process Flow;
  • Inter-Arrival Source, Delay e Sink no Process Flow;
  • Relação entre o Process Flow e o 3D;
  • Labels, Resource, Assign

Simulação Contínua com FloWorks – Campinas, BRASIL

Treinamento criado recentemente pela equipe da FlexSim com foco em simulação contínua utilizando o FlexSim, onde demonstramos o grande diferencial das heurísticas presente dentro de cada um dos diversos objetos do FloWorks, tornando suas análises diferenciadas e mais precisas quando comparado com outros simuladores presentes no mercado e também em relação a biblioteca de fluídos padrão do FlexSim. Através de vários exercícios passo a passo, ensinaremos os participantes como desenvolver modelos para solução a granel na indústria química e petroquímica, além de mineração e indústria alimentícia.

FlexSimposium PL 2017

FlexSimposium PL 2017 is an unique international event, that is a bridge between valuable theoretical knowledge of modelling and simulation of processes and practical examples of simulation results in leading companies. Furthermore, it is a time of intensive development of practical modelling and simulation skills in FlexSim. During this year’s edition, scheduled for 12th-13th of September in Krakow, which will be held for the first time in a two-day formula, participants will get the opportunity to complete an 8-hour training workshops on selected FlexSim advanced levels.

FlexSim 2017 Update 2: Better Data, Better Analysis

FlexSim 2017 Update 2 is now officially out and available for download! Current FlexSim users can upgrade right away—and anyone can download the latest version of FlexSim’s flagship simulation modeling software and try it out under the free Express license.

Download FlexSim 2017 Update 2

The biggest change is in collecting and displaying data. We’ve introduced the Statistics Collector, a tool that gathers raw data from the objects and events you specify. While a model runs, this data is placed into a table—the data can then be viewed, transformed, visualized in charts and graphs, or

IV FlexSimposium PL 2016 – Poland

Cempel Consulting, FlexSim’s partner in Poland and East-Central Europe, is organizing the fourth edition of FlexSimposium PL. This year’s event will be held on 20.09.2016 at the Conference Centre of Silesian University of Technology. Among the invited guests will be outstanding representatives of science and industry. Enjoy a series of inspirational lectures and unique modeling workshops using FlexSim simulation software.

FlexSimposium PL is an extraordinary meeting connecting science with the world of business. At this event, the experts and leaders pioneering a new approach to production and logistics optimization share their knowledge and successes.

FlexSim 7.1.0 set to release in March with improved Dashboard, other features

The development team has spent the last several weeks performing internal beta testing on the latest edition of FlexSim—version 7.1.0—which is near completion and set to be released in early March 2014.

The biggest change in 7.1.0 is to the area of analytics, which have been fully assimilated into the dashboard interface. The information that was previously found in FlexSim Chart and the Statistics tab of an object’s properties window can now be accessed in one central location, making dashboards a “one stop shop” for real-time data and analysis.

Some of the data in the Statistics

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