FlexSim HC 5 out and available for download

FlexSim HC 5, the latest in FlexSim’s line of healthcare simulation modeling software, has been officially released and is available for download. If you already have a FlexSim Account, you can download it there. If you don’t have a FlexSim Account, it just takes a few seconds to create one — head to healthcare.flexsim.com and make a free account today.

  • Interested in a quick video tour? If you have five minutes to spare, this video will cover many of the features and improvements in the latest version:

SHBC 2014

FlexSim partner Advent2 Labs will be attending the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress, held September 26-27, 2014.

Organised by the National Healthcare Group (NHG), the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC) is the largest healthcare scientific meeting and competition in Singapore, attracting over 3,000 local and global healthcare delegates each year.


FlexSim Healthcare 4.3.4 due for release today

The latest version of FlexSim Healthcare (4.3.4) is due to be released this afternoon and will primarily address bug fixes while adding a few new minor enhancements and features.

Bar charts and box plots are now able to support negative numbers, a useful addition that resulted from a user’s model. In the model, this person was attempting to track variance between patients arriving early or late to their appointment times; the bar chart needed to support negative numbers in order to show patients arriving before their appointment time. The finished product, using the new

FlexSim Healthcare 4.0.4: A story of dot plots

FlexSim Healthcare (HC) 4.0.4 is primarily a bug fix update, but that didn’t stop the developers from delaying the release to sneak in a few new features. These features certainly improve the software, but none are particularly noteworthy.

Well, except for one.

Hidden in the release notes for version 4.0.4, buried beneath 16 other new features, is a single line announcing the addition of one of the most requested features for FlexSim HC: “Added Dot Plots to any metric that can display bar charts.

Re-addition would actually be more accurate. Dot plots existed in early versions, but were

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