1st and 3rd place winners at the 4th Annual FlexSim Competition

7th Annual Latin American FlexSim Competition Underway

This fall marked the official start of the latest Latin American FlexSim Competition, the 7th year of the successful student simulation event. Fifty-four teams will be participating, representing 24 universities from the nations of Ecuador, México, Colombia, Uruguay, and Perú.

FlexSim Competition

Each of the student-led teams will work to compare different scenarios in FlexSim. The teams will be provided with training and resources to gain proficiency using FlexSim simulation software, and will have opportunities to meet with a client representative to discuss the project.

Teams have until December 17th to deliver their solution. Cash

FlexSim Student Tournament in France and Morocco

From November 2012 to February 2013, more than 15 groups of students from engineering schools in France and Morocco competed against each other to solve real-life problems with the help of FlexSim simulation software.

From manufacturing systems to medical facilities to traffic flow, each group learned how to use FlexSim for modeling, analyzing, visualizing, and optimizing their studied process.

SimConseils, the consulting company that organized this tournament, announced the winners on their blog. This year’s winners were:

First Place: Ecole Nationale Supérieure en

Recap of the 4th Annual FlexSim IIE Competition

1st and 3rd place winners at the 4th Annual FlexSim Competition

Each year since 2009, FlexSim Software Products has taken part in the FlexSim IIE Competition, presented by Vatic Consulting Group. The competition pits groups of university students from across Latin America against each other to solve a test case using FlexSim simulation software.

The winners were announced at the 9th IIE regional conference in Bogota, Colombia on March 15th, 2013. This years winners were:

First Place: New Engineering Consulting Group, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico
Second Place: SimBrasil, Universidade Federal

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