Client’s feedback on improved 3D capabilities in FlexSim 7.0

As soon as FlexSim 7.0 was released, CRITT T&L updated their FlexSim license to try out the new features, notably the improved 3D rendering (shadows, specular highlights on 3D objects, et cetera).

CRITT Transport & Logistique is a consulting company based in Le Havre (France) focusing on helping companies improve their logistic processes. CRITT T&L has been using FlexSim simulation software for several years as a powerful tool for modeling, analyzing, visualizing, and optimizing many of their clients’ systems. Their projects have included roll-on/roll-off terminals (known as RORO), maritime

Feature Spotlight: Sampler

Take a look at the Sampler, a tool designed to reduce the need for coding while you build a simulation model. We talk to developer Matt Long and look at some of the ways the Sampler can be used.

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FlexSim 7 strives for easy simulation

After more than a year of blood, sweat, tears, beta testing, and more beta testing, FlexSim 7.0 has been officially released. If you’d like more information on this latest version, read Phil’s forum post detailing the release notes or check out the official press release.

There’s a quote in the press release from Anthony Johnson, lead developer over FlexSim 7.0, in which he acknowledged that he and his team “wanted to create a simulation package that is as easy to use as it is powerful.” This was

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