FlexSim 2016 Update 2: UI improvements and new activities

FlexSim 2016 Update 2, the latest version of FlexSim’s flagship simulation modeling software, has been released and is now officially available worldwide.

This update contains a handful of key user interface improvements that will streamline and enhance the modeling experience. Let’s start with the all-new Quick Library, which provides fast access to objects as you construct a 3D model. Simply double-click on a blank space to quickly add an object, or connect an existing object to a blank space to add an object and complete the connection in one step. This is just one of many UI improvements you’ll find in

AGV simulation template

FlexSim 2016 Update 1: Long-term stability, templates, more

We’ve introduced long term stability, templates, and other exciting features in the latest update to our flagship simulation software.

Improved Stability Through Multiple Releases

FlexSim 2016 Update 1, which was released on June 22, is a landmark release because it offers—for the first time—the option of two software versions. If you use FlexSim 2016 Update 1, you’ll receive the latest features and bug fixes just as with any new release of FlexSim. But you also have the option of choosing the stable branch of FlexSim (16.0.2); this long-term release will continue to receive bug fixes introduced in subsequent updates without the new

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