FlexSim Basics: Port Connections

We have already rolled out nine FlexTips videos, our engaging tutorial series on a wide variety of modeling concepts. FlexTips videos have successfully addressed many different modeling scenarios, but they haven’t addressed the very BASIC skills needed to create a successful simulation in FlexSim.

FlexSim Basics are designed to do just that. We’ve worked closely with Regan Blackett, lead trainer at FlexSim, to create a thorough yet easy-to-follow video series for users who are new to FlexSim (or who would simply like a refresher course). There are nine videos planned for the series, each one covering a

FlexTips: Port Connection Ranking

Over the past few months, we have been developing short, engaging tutorial videos on concepts ranging from basic to highly advanced. We understand that most users don’t have the time or the patience to read the manual and learn through trial and error. Our videos are short and easy to follow, and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. Happy viewing!

In this video we explain port connection rankings. Flow can vary greatly in a model depending on the rank of connection, so we give an example of the importance of

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