AGV Module Tutorial Videos

FlexSim’s automated guided vehicle (AGV) module was designed to aid in the simulation of a real-world material handling system. These videos provide a basic tutorial of the AGV module, and follow the AGV tutorial in FlexSim’s User Manual.

In the first video (above), we introduce the AGV module and start to build a sample model of a basic AGV system. Follow along with Lesson 1 of the AGV tutorial in the FlexSim User Manual.

In the second video (below), we continue the model we started in the Lesson 1 tutorial and introduce more AGV module functionality. Follow along with

FlexSim’s second free module, designed to simulate AGV systems

Creating an AGV system within a simulation model is now easier than ever before with FlexSim’s free AGV module.

The module, now available for download through the Online Content section in the FlexSim software, marks the first dedicated material handling product developed by FlexSim.

What can it do? The AGV module is a better alternative to using Network Nodes to manage AGV systems. It was actually built with real-world AGV systems in mind, utilizing familiar industry terminology (such as Look For Work and Control Point), dedicated objects, and intuitive tools. The animated GIF

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