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Seminar & Workshop Program FlexSim's Outreach to Education & Industry

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. is committed to promoting the understanding of, and appreciation for, the power of simulation as a means to effectively improve and support problem solving and decision making. FlexSim strives to enrich the application of simulation and improve the modeling and analysis processes. As a result of this commitment, FlexSim offers outreach programs to both educational institutions and industry.


This program has two primary objectives:

  1. Promote and enhance the collaboration between industry and education. It has been demonstrated that industry-academe projects are win-win activities, affording significant benefits to both entities.
  2. Provide industry and education with both a solid foundation in the fundamentals of simulation modeling and analysis and an introduction to FlexSim simulation software.


While FlexSim’s Seminar and Workshop Program is available to both companies and educational institutions individually, the program is most effective when it is sponsored jointly and is used as a means to work towards collaborating on simulation projects. Some of the benefits of collaborating on simulation projects are provided (listed in no particular order of importance).


  • Access to new technologies for competitive advantage
  • Initial feasibility of simulation modeling and/or modeling support
  • Fresh look at processes
  • Support education—enhanced student skills, faculty awareness, funding


  • More relevance in courses and higher student satisfaction
  • Potential for external funding through research and application projects
  • Enhanced student skills (simulation, problem solving) and career options
  • Improved teaching of operations

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