Quinnipiac University Industrial Engineering

Online Summer Camp: July 10–28

Quinnipiac University’s Industrial Engineering Program invites high school students who are interested in learning and implementing engineering solutions to attend an online summer camp.

Students will participate in a simulation computer program called FlexSim, in an exclusively online environment through instructions and activities. Successful participants will each receive a certificate and the top three students will receive an award.

Students who take part in the online summer camp will learn to:

  • Use Excel for simulation and statistics
  • Solve engineering problems
  • Understand and implement basic statistics concepts
  • Implement FlexSim simulation program for managing a number of different environments
  • Experience FlexSim’s fun Zombie game module

During the 19-day online camp, students will have access to FlexSim and take part in a unique simulation program.

This program has 11 modules, including the Zombie game. The simulations cover several industry types, including service, manufacturing and health care.

Students will experience the predictive power of simulation through experimentation. Upon completion, they will be able to identify efficiencies, understand bottlenecks and manage various industrial work environments. As part of the camp experience, students will:

  • Create 3D charts and graphs
  • Derive statistical reports
  • Create different scenarios by choosing different model parameters

Register Now

An authorization code will be send to you upon your acceptance to the Camp if you send the required documents (listed below) for the Camp via email to [email protected]. You won’t be allowed to register to the Camp without an authorization code.

Registration Deadline: June 15

Program Benefits:

  • Certificate of completion from Quinnipiac University’s School of Engineering
  • Awards such as a scholarship or cash for the top three finishers
  • Exclusive access to download FlexSim program for use during the camp period
  • Free online FlexSim textbook


  • Access to a PC computer—desktop or laptop (FlexSim cannot run on Apple computers)
  • High school transcript
  • Prior completion of a pre-calculus course or an equivalent math course
  • Statement of interest for attending (one page, double-spaced)
  • $399 registration fee

Simulation examples:

Zombie game

Automation line

Factory floor

Warehouse system

For questions, contact Professor Emre Tokgoz at [email protected]