Quinnipiac University Industrial Engineering

Data Analysis and Decision-Making Summer Camp:

July 9–25, 2018

Interested in learning and implementing data analysis and the key points of decision making? Quinnipiac University’s Industrial Engineering program invites high school students and working professionals to attend a 16-day online summer program.

Participants will use Microsoft Excel to learn the basics of analyzing data sets and will have access to online tutorials and materials. The program has several modules; no prior data analysis knowledge with Excel is required.

Participants in the online summer program will learn to:

  • Analyze personal information by using collected numerical data and extracting meaningful outcomes
  • Draw charts, graphs and more to visualize and analyze daily life data
  • Make decisions for future actions based on existing information
  • Analyze data by using real-life information in health care and manufacturing

Program participants will experience the time-saving power of using Microsoft Excel, rather than a calculator, for data analysis. The also will learn how to use the provided information in Excel for understanding industrial engineering applications in health care and manufacturing.

Registration Deadline: June 15

For questions, contact Professor Emre Tokgoz at [email protected]

Register Now

An authorization code will be send to you upon your acceptance to the Camp if you send the required documents (listed below) for the Camp via email to [email protected]. You won’t be allowed to register to the Camp without an authorization code.

Program Benefits:

  • Make decisions by using data attained in personal life, work and school
  • Access online videos and files related to data analysis
  • Use real-life health care and manufacturer data for analysis


  • Access to a PC computer with Microsoft Excel installed—desktop or laptop
  • Basic computer skills to enter data
  • Statement of interest for attending (one page, double-spaced)
  • $299 registration fee