FlexSim Quarterly, April 2014

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In this edition of FlexSim Quarterly, the focus is in the air. Each of the entries literally deal will a component or factor that will result in flight, but they also demonstrate how a simulation model can be the tool to help an idea or project get off the ground and toward success.

In his letter to the readers, FlexSim CEO Bill Nordgren revisits an experience during a hunting trip with his dog. He shares how the hunt helped him recognize the value of flushing out problems and retrieving solutions using simulation.




As for the papers in this issue, we’ve received special permission to reprint two case studies from FlexSim users in academia. The first was written by a student at Northern Illinois University who simulated the passenger check-in and baggage screening processes at a medium-sized airport in Chicago. The second, conducted by students and faculty at Mississippi State University, covers the design of a composite manufacturing process for GE Aviation, which had just built a new facility to produce jet engine components.

We hope you enjoy the publication. Happy reading!

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