FlexSim InterMarium sits on Polish Chemistry panel discussion

FlexSim InterMarium, FlexSim’s distributor in Poland, recently participated in the 5th Congress of Polish Chemistry, the largest chemical industry event in the country. The main subject of the event was “Intelligent Industry – Intelligent Chemistry,” and taking part were FlexSim InterMarium’s President of the Board, Dr. Witold Aleksander Cempel, and also Łukasz Księżopolski, Director of the Warsaw branch.

Dr. Cempel and Mr. Księżopolski pointed out during discussions that in the Industry 4.0 concept, digital simulation plays a critical role as one of its most important pillars. Today in Poland, innovative chemical companies that focus on both product innovations and also management, strategic and operational innovations should seriously consideration simulation modeling for process improvement. René van Sloten from Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) pointed out that huge business potential lies in the value chain of European chemical corporations. The idea of Industry 4.0 as a general concept needs to be “translated” into specific industries, tuning the concepts into specific methods to make it more useful and operational. FlexSim InterMarium actively taking part in this process.

From right: Łukasz Księżopolski (FlexSim InterMarium), Artur Kopeć (Grupa Azoty), Grzegorz Czul (Fluor), Tomasz Radomski (Honeywell), Paweł Zawadzki (Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry).

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