Flexsim Evento: Caso Semana de Estudos

FlexSim Case Study Week

Over the course of the next week, a series of interesting and compelling case studies, white papers, or academic research papers will be highlighted in a brand new FlexSim event: Caso Semana de Estudos.

FlexSim e FlexSim HC have each been the subject of numerous research efforts worldwide, from white papers to academic and trade journals and even higher education theses and dissertations. We’d like to take the time to recognize the efforts of just a few of those researchers who have used FlexSim products as a tool to drive their endeavors.

Each day from Monday, February 25th until Friday, May 1st, a different case study will be featured on the FlexSim Blog. The study will appear in its entirety, along with a brief article giving some background and a short summary of the research.

We hope you enjoy Case Study Week and thank all of the individuals worldwide who have contributed to the study and evolution of modeling and simulation.

Por favor, aguarde