Process Simulation

Process Simulation

We’re only a few years removed from spreadsheet simulation being the most reliable way to model a process, plugging in a few numbers and formulas to create a simple process simulation. Those spreadsheets answered a few questions, but they certainly aren’t the powerful, modern tools found in today’s process simulation software. You wouldn’t take a handsaw over a table saw for your construction project; why would you choose a spreadsheet over process simulation?

Your data shouldn’t just tell you where you’ve been, it should tell you where you’re going. Good process simulation software takes in real world data and helps to create a detailed, accurate model of your system. It’s more than projection – it’s a look into the future, using sound statistical distributions for uncanny precision.

In a process simulator, each and every event is considered and accounted for to give the best results:

  • Expensive investments can be validated.
  • Work flow adjustments can be tested.
  • Resource allocation can be justified.


There is no risk, and the time and money you conserve could save millions.

Try FlexSim for free today, and see what process simulation can do for you.

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