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FlexSim 2018アップデート2:クラウドシミュレーション、リバーシブルコンベヤー+詳細 (2018年8月9日) - Ready to run FlexSim models in the Cloud!? Cloud-based replications and other exciting features are available in FlexSim 2018 Update 2, now available worldwide for download. FlexSim now has the ability to use distributed CPUs in the Experimenter and Optimizer—either using Cloud computing, your own computers in a local network, or both. This means that […]
FlexSim InterMariumは、ポーランドの化学パネルディスカッションに座っています (2018年7月10日) - FlexSim InterMarium, FlexSim’s distributor in Poland, recently participated in the 5th Congress of Polish Chemistry, the largest chemical industry event in the country. The main subject of the event was “Intelligent Industry – Intelligent Chemistry,” and taking part were FlexSim InterMarium’s President of the Board, Dr. Witold Aleksander Cempel, and also Łukasz Księżopolski, Director of […]
FlexSimは、日本での販売代理店としてゼネテックを発表します (2018年6月26日) - FlexSim is pleased to announce Genetec Co., Ltd. as its official reseller in Japan. Founded in 1985, Genetec is a respected software development company that specializes in the fields of information and communication. They have demonstrated success at selling engineering software in Japan, even achieving the No. 1 worldwide sales performance of Mastercam® products in […]
産業4.0技術と進歩に関与FlexSim (2018年6月25日) - New digital twin and exoskeleton simulation projects developed with Comau showcase FlexSim’s capabilities in Industry 4.0 FlexSim Software Products, June 25, 2018 — FlexSim is excited to debut two advancements in simulation technology. The projects, developed with FlexSim’s partner in Italy, Flexcon s.r.l. in conjunction with Comau, have exciting applications in the ever-expanding world of […]
ベルガモの大学は教室でFlexSimソフトウェアを紹介します (2018年5月18日) - University partners with simulation modeling company to provide industry-standard software to students and professors Bergamo, Italy, April 25, 2018 – The Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering, University of Bergamo has finalized an agreement with FlexSim Software Products, Inc. to provide 3D simulation modeling software to the university. Students and professors will receive the […]
FlexSim virtual reality at Nissan Barcelona FlexSimは日産のバルセロナのイベントに参加します (2018年5月4日) - FlexSim Iberia, the distributor of FlexSim products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, recently showcased simulation at an internal event in Nissan Barcelona. The event was attended by Nissan employees from different areas of the plant in Barcelona, Spain. They were shown FlexSim’s latest innovations in modeling production operations and virtual reality, allowing them to consider […]
Box Plot chart in FlexSim FlexSim 2018 Update 1: Database Connectivity + More (4/9/2018) - FlexSim 2018 Update 1 has been released and is now available worldwide. This latest update to FlexSim’s flagship 3D simulation package brings improved database connectivity, new objects, box plot charts, and much more. FlexSim now has a Database Connector tool. This feature makes it easy to connect to a database and import or export data. […]
Tsinghua University Wins Fourth Annual HSPI Student Simulation Competition (2/27/2018) - Improving healthcare systems is truly an international effort—even within the upcoming generation of engineers. For the first time in the four-year history of the HSPI Student Simulation Competition, all three finalist teams represented universities outside the United States. On February 22, shortly after the student teams presented their solutions to a panel of judges, Tsinghua […]
FlexSim welcomes APO as U.S. reseller (12/22/2017) - FlexSim Software Products, Inc. is excited to announce a new reseller in the U.S.—Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. (APO). APO has been a FlexSim user for several years and provided a valuable case study for a white paper FlexSim published recently on where simulation fits in with Lean principles and value stream mapping techniques. From Advanced […]
FlexSim 2018: New tools for people-based systems, data gathering & charting (12/20/2017) - In 2018, we’re bringing the human element back into simulation with the People Module. This is just one of several exciting additions to FlexSim 2018, the latest version of our flagship simulation software—now available worldwide. The People Module, as you probably guessed, is all about people—where they go, who they interact with, and why they’re […]