Discrete Event Simulation

FlexSim and discrete event simulation

FlexSim is a simulation environment.

Like any other simulation environment, from weather forecasts to video games, FlexSim is designed to recreate a specific situation. But unlike video games, FlexSim is built with reality in mind, taking any process or logistical system and simulating it with great accuracy. Any level of detail is possible, but in many cases the details take a back seat to those critical questions that affect the bottom line. In the broad world of simulation, that’s our focus: modeling a system with the purpose of answering a question or solving a problem.

In a sense, discrete event simulation is central to the way FlexSim tackles this goal. The discrete event concept is simply a series of events which cause state changes in the system objects. FlexSim uses statistical distributions in concert with discrete event simulation to compose an accurate representation of your system, paving the way for relevant and valuable results.

Some of the benefits of discrete event simulation include:

  • Powerful, dynamic simulation models to replicate your system.
  • Improved realism and accurate results for better business decisions.
  • The discrete event paradigm is an efficient and effective method of simulation.


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