Architecture Simulation

Architecture and FlexSim

“In a media-driven world there will always be a need for information – and the sphere of architectural design is no exception.” -Tom Porter, Selling Architectural Ideas

Every seasoned architect knows that the main purpose of a design is to meet a client’s functional needs. The client must have those needs addressed through solid evidence that instills confidence in the architect’s work. FlexSim Simulation Software provides just such evidence.

Using the architect’s design as the physical basis for a structure’s appeal and capacity, both FlexSim and FlexSim Healthcare (HC) provide a three-dimensional simulation of the design’s functional capability and versatility. Based on performance statistics and proven developmental strategies, these powerful programs can be used to accurately model any process through an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly interface. Actually visualizing, and not just envisioning, these essential business operations could make the difference in the client being convinced of the flexibility and advantages of the design.

In his seminal book on the visual presentation and sale of architectural ideas, Tom Porter notes that those designers who are successful in selling their work possess a common trait: “the ability to invent and create compelling images.” What could be more compelling than a CAD layout that depicts a structure’s future day-to-day operations? Here are a few examples that demonstrate how simulation software can enhance your architectural presentation:

  • Justify design concepts. Demonstrate that space and functionality requirements will meet and even exceed a client’s expectations.
  • Meet demand for key assets. Provide evidence that adequate assets will be available to meet the demand for a certain number of exam or waiting rooms, the required storage for production output, or any other capability a client might require.
  • Showcase the design. Establish the versatility and flexibility of a design through simple alterations to a single simulation. These might represent situational extremes or unanticipated demands that could be placed on a specific design.

If any of these capabilities are important to you, then consider FlexSim Simulation Software to better present your ideas to the client and to add extra visual and functional appeal to your architectural project.

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