A FlexSim Support Experience

Today, we’re going to examine a support case involving a FlexSim user who has just a few months’ experience with the software. Most of the user’s questions were resolved in one day, but the case continued more than a month later with several additional follow-up questions.

Meng-Yang Chen, an electrical engineer at Beckman Coulter, initially contacted FlexSim with a support question on February 6th, 2013. His question involved processor logic, and was answered the same day by Cameron Pluim, a support expert at FlexSim. This began a back and forth of email correspondence that resulted in four distinct questions being resolved in that one day.

Considering that he had only been using FlexSim for several weeks, Cameron noted that Meng exhibited a “solid foundation and understanding of FlexSim.”

“He was asking constructive questions throughout the case,” Cameron recalled.

Part of this initial group of questions was discovered to involve a small bug, one that was able to be quickly fixed in the course of the support case with just a simple line of code. The bug was reported to FlexSim’s development team that same day; they were aware of the bug, and indicated that it had already been fixed and included in the next update.

On March 12th, Meng contacted support again, this time with a more complex modeling question. It required the FlexSim support team to help him develop a system with two dispatchers controlling two unique task sequences. Cameron indicated that the most challenging part of this modeling element was coordinating the task sequences between the objects.

“Cameron was definitely involved in his support,” Meng remarked. “He made example models to explain his solutions and took time to understand what I needed from him.”

Note: A FlexSim license with current maintenance gives users access to FlexSim’s knowledgeable and caring support staff.